From this point on, I am going to be using Google classroom to post homework. The links above will remain active.

Tonight’s homework is to read the article on Google classroom about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and complete the worksheet distributed in class.

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Students should continue to study for their mid-term, which is Tuesday, Jan. 9th. Please bring a sharpened pencil. Also, be cleaning and organizing your Social Studies binder.

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7C Social Studies

Extra Credit Opportunity

Option One: Extra Homework Grade-

Read “The Dawn of the Atomic Age” on Google Classroom.

If you need a hard copy, please let me know.

Complete the multiple choice worksheet and the “New Means of Destruction” response questions.

Option Two: Extra Quiz Grade-

Turn in a Binder Check for Chapter 3.

Rubric distributed in class.

You may do either or both. These are extra credit/optional, so it will not lower your grade if you do not do these assignments.

DUE January 3rd.

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The 3.3 Preview Sheet/Vocab was due yesterday.

The Chapter 3 Review worksheet is due Wednesday.

The Chapter 3 TEST will be Thursday.

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HW 12/13

Design Your Own homework due tomorrow 12/14.

Chapter 3 quiz (Sec. 1 and 2) on Friday.

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Complete the Sec. 2 Questions, Chapter 3. #1-6 (p. 92 text)

Complete sentences!

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12/4 Updates

Students should continue to work on their pharaoh essays, which are now due THURSDAY. After school help is available Tuesday and Wednesday from 2-2:30. Students MUST print their own paper, so if they need to print their paper in school, arrangements should be made for it to be done before Thursday.

Remember, the final copy should be 5 paragraphs, a bibliography, and a copy of the rubric. Please see the directions and helpful documents on google classroom.

In class on Monday, students should have read the article, “The History of Passover” on google classroom. Please complete this asap if you have not.

The PIZZA money and order form is due tomorrow!

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