HW 11/21

Students were given the rubrics and folders to complete their binder check (quiz grade). This is due by Tuesday, Nov. 28th.

Once the binder check is turned in, students should clean out and organize their binders in preparation for our next chapter.

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The big Chapter 2 test is tomorrow! Make sure you bring a sharpened #2 pencil.

Good luck!

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HW 11/17

Complete Part 2 of the Chapter 2 Test Review worksheet. Due Monday.

Also, there are a number of students who have not submitted their top-down webs and Meroe article responses. These are past due, so please submit them ASAP!

There will be an after school study group on Monday from 2-2:30. I will stay until 3:05 for anyone who needs to take the late bus.

The Chapter 2 Test will be Tuesday. Please bring a sharpened pencil.

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HW 11/16

Complete the Review Guide- Part 1 due tomorrow

Part 2 due Monday

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HW 11/15

See Google Classroom for tonight’s assignment- read the article on Meroe and write three complete sentences about what you learned from the article. This can be done as a private comment or hand written. See me if you need a hard copy of the article.

Also, if necessary, complete your top-down web and submit tomorrow. Here is an example:IMG_0030

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HW 11/13

Continue working on your pharaoh paper research two-column notes worksheet. This is due WEDNESDAY.

OPTIONAL/Extra credit- turn in a rough draft of your bibliography tomorrow, TUESDAY. You must have 3 citations in very good shape to get the extra credit points. MUST be printed or hand written.

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HW 11/9

Pharaoh research paper update- Students should continue to update and edit their bibliographies as they do their research. Students were given a two-column notes worksheet to fill in with information about their pharaoh. This should be as complete as possible by Wednesday 11/15.

If students want to submit a copy of their bibliography for review/feedback, please do so by Tuesday, 11/14.

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